2018 AGM


30th October 2018

To: The Officers, Secretaries of Clubs, and Delegates of the Dyfed Golfing Union

Dear Sir/Madam,

Annual General Meeting of the Dyfed Golfing Union will be held at

Carmarthen Golf Club on Thursday 22nd November 2018 at 7.00pm

The AGM of the Union will be held on the above date. Please note that each Club is entitled to send two representatives, one of whom shall be the Club’s representative on the Management Committee of the Union. Both representatives shall have a vote. The Agenda is detailed below.


  1. Apologies

  2. Minutes of the last AGM held on Nov 30th 2017

  3. Matters Arising

  4. Chairman’s Report

  5. President’s Report

  6. Treasurer’s Report

  7. Report on Junior golf

  8. County captain’s report

  9. Senior captain’s report

  10. To consider the motion proposed by the officials of DGU:

that the Annual fee of individual membership be increased by £1 from £4 to £5.

  1. To consider the motion proposed by Aberystwyth GC:

  1. The practice of the home club hosting the away team for their post match meals should cease and be replaced by the away players paying a green fee of £12.50 to include the post match two course meal.

12. To consider the motion proposed by Trefloyne GC:

(a) Raise the handicap limit in Dyfed League matches from 15 to 18

and remove the 6 shot allowance restriction.

13. To consider the motion proposed by South Pembs GC:

  1. Reduce the number of pairings from 8 to 7 in Division 2.

14. Election of Officers of the Union

[i] The Chairman: Subject to election Mr David Evans (Cwmrhydneuadd G.C.) will commence his first year in office.

[ii] The Vice-Chairman: Subject to election Mark Creamer (Cilgwyn GC) will commence his first year in office.

[iii] The President: Subject to election Mr John Evans(Penrhos GC) will commence his second year in office.

[iv] The Vice-President; Subject to election Mr David Lindquist(Newport Links GC) will commence his second year in office.

[v] The Secretary Mr. Jeff Harries(Carmarthen GC) is willing to continue in office subject to re-election.

[vi] The Competitions/Fixture Secretary Mrs Elaine Rees(Garnant Park GC) is willing to continue in office subject to re-election.

[vii] The Media/Press officer David Blackmore(Tenby GC) is willing to continue in office subject to re-election.

[viii] The Junior Organizer: Henry Malloy(Cardigan GC) is willing

to continue in office subject to re-election.

[ix]The County Captain: Vacancy

[x] The Seniors County Captain Mr. Huw Dixon (Ashburnham GC) is

willing to continue in office subject to re-election.

17. Draw for the Jeff Harries Knockout Bowl for 2018.

Jeff Harries – Secretary



Secretary Chairman President Treasurer

Jeff Harries Robert Walters John Evans Brian Newcombe

Ffynnonwerdd Derllys Court Golf Club Penrhos Golf Club Derllys Court Golf Club

Station Hill, St. Clears, Carmarthen

SA33 4DQ

Telephone 01994 230634

E-mail: harries4dq@btinternet.com


Match/Competition Secretary Elaine Rees 4, Gwaun Henllan, Bonllwyn, Ammanford, Carms SA18 2FD Tel. 01269 59394 e-mail jelaine27@aol.com Internet www.dyfedgolf.co.uk

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held at CARMARTHEN GC on Thursday 30/11/2017

  1. Present: R Walters (Chairman, Derllys Court), M Williams (President, South Pembs), J Evans(Vice President, (Penrhos), D Evans (Vice-chairman, Cwmrhydneuadd) J. Harries [Secretary, Carmarthen],D Latham [Treasurer], E Rees [Competition/Fixture Secretary,Glynhir), D Lindquist, R Payne,[Newport Links], P Jones,J Edmunds(Aberystwyth),T Phillips, L Brown,(Milford Haven), M Fenney, I Marks,T Harries(Carmarthen]), J Curry (Cwmrhydneuadd), Rh Walters,G Parry, B Newcombe, Ll Davies (Derllys Court), D Baker (Glyn Abbey), J M Jones, A Davies(Cilgwyn), J Allen (Haverfordwest), H Dixon, I Thomas (Ashburnham), P Ward, H Malloy(Cardigan), D Blackmore, R Ormond, N Thomas (Tenby), J Dunn, W Fowler(Garnant Park),D Harry, P Grimwood, S Bourne (South Pembs), W Lloyd, A Harris, G Hammond, N Davies (Machynys), G Scotcher, A Thorne(Trefloyne).

  1. Apologies: R Harry(Tenby), P Evans(Priskilly).

  1. Minutes of 2016 AGM: Held at Carmarthen Golf Club on 24th November 2016 were proposed by D Lindquist and seconded by J Curry, the minutes being taken as read. This was unanimously approved by the members present. There were no matters arising.

  1. Chairman’s report: Robert Walters reported in detail on the successes of DGU players throughout the year particularly Luke Harries of Tenby who represented GB and I in the Jacques Leglise trophy at Ballybunion and winning the County championship for the second time. For the first time in the history of the DGU we have all three Welsh champions in the various age groups namely Jamie Dean (Carmarthen) U14, Bryn Thomas (Cilgwyn) U16 and Luke Harries(Tenby) U18. The Welsh Seniors Greensome champions are Davies and Whitehouse(Tenby). He congratulated the League winners namely; Div 1-Carmarthen, Div 2 Haverfordwest, Div 3 South Pembs, Div 4 – Cardigan. Super 6 champions – Cardigan – Jeff Harries Bowl KO winners – Carmarthen. He also stated that the future was bright with excellent talent within Dyfed with numerous players having been chosen for coaching in the GUW squads.

  1. President’s report: Michael Williams stated it had been a privilege and an honour to serve as President in his final year in office. He thanked the Chairman, Secretary, match/fixture Secretary, Media officer, Junior Organizer and team captains. Special thanks to Dafydd Latham the retiring treasurer after three years in office and wished him well for the future. He also thanked Carmarthen GC for hosting the Annual dinner and AGM and Derllys Court GC for hosting Officers meetings. He heartily congratulated Jeff Harries on his Presidency of Wales Golf.

  1. Treasurer’s report; In his final report Dafydd Latham presented a detailed summary of the income and expenditure account for 2017 resulting in a deficit of £6685. He explained in detail that extra expenditure on Junior coaching of £2600 was within the agreed 3 year contract. Extra kit for teams and players ties had been purchased for the next few years resulting approximately in a further £2000 cost. Extra matches had also been played by most of the County teams. A significant increase in the number of participants in County championships was a positive sign. Surplus income of £18,418 remains in the treasurer’s account. The report was unanimously accepted by all delegates.

  1. Junior report; Junior organizer, Henry Malloy gave a detailed account of the individual and team competitions held throughout the year. He congratulated Carmarthen GC on winning the Junior club championship and the six players who had played for Wales in 2017. He thanked Rhys Harry the Junior County coach for his services. He also mentioned the significant number of players who have been identified and included in the GUW Winter coaching squads. He was congratulated on organizing the second Junior dinner recently held at Cardigan GC which was well attended.

  1. County team report; Ian Marks reported he had thoroughly enjoyed his first year as team Captain. The team won two and lost the other two matches. Despite a depleted team Dyfed was awarded bronze medals for third place in the Welsh Inter Counties final at Borth.

  1. Senior County team; Huw Dixon gave a detailed account of the five matches played winning against stronger opposition and losing to weaker opposition resulting in a halved and winning match against Glamorgan. A disappointing seventh place in the Welsh Inter Counties was reported. He encouraged clubs to forward names of Senior players with low handicaps to boost team numbers.

  1. Brian Newcombe of Derllys Court was unanimously approved as the new treasurer.

  1. The motion by Aberystwyth GC that League fixtures should be played on the first and third week of every month was referred to be discussed at the next meeting to discuss the possibility that all clubs are to fulfill at least two fixtures per month. The motion to reduce the pairings in Div 1 and 2 from nine to seven pairs was defeated by 14 votes to 12.

  1. The motion by Trefloyne GC to reduce the pairings in Div 1 and Div 2 from nine pairs to eight pairs as from 2018 was approved by 16 votes to 14.

  1. The motion by Garnant Park that confirmation of tee times for League matches be placed on the website by the Match secretary was agreed by 16 votes in favour and 3 against. Its motion that League teams to comprise seven pairs in all divisions was lost by 6 votes to 17.

  1. Election of officers; Robert Walters(Glyn Abbey) was unanimously elected as chairman for his second year. Dai Evans (Cwmrhydneuadd) was elected as Vice Chairman for a second year. John Evans (Penrhos) was duly elected as President. David Lindquist(Newport Links) was elected as the incoming Vice President. Jeff Harries(Secretary), Elaine Rees(Match/Competition secretary), David Blackmore(media/press officer), Henry Malloy(Junior organizer), Ian Marks(Carmarthen) and Seniors Captain Huw Dixon (Ashburnham) were all unanimously re-elected.

  1. The President and Chairman made the draw for the first round of the Jeff Harries Knock Out Bowl Competition 2018. First team drawn plays at home.

Machynys v South Pembs

Aberystwyth v Ashburnham

Tenby v Cwmrhydneuadd

Derllys Court v Milford Haven

Cilgwyn v Trefloyne

Carmarthen v Newport Links

Cardigan v Glynhir B

Haverfordwest v Glynhir A

  1. Chairman Robert Walters thanked the 18 clubs for their attendance at the AGM.

Jeff Harries Secretary DGU


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