Jeff Harries Bowl

Jeff Harries Bowl 2019

Final played at Carmarthen on Sunday 6th October. Thanks to Carmarthen for hosting with the course in excellent condition considering the weather during the past few days.

A close match finally won for the first time by Trefloyne Manor beating Machynys by 4 matches to 3.

Played in the true spirit of golf the quality of golf was of a high standard.


                                           TREFLOYNE MANOR                                                MACHYNYS

George       2/1                                           Nick Davies

Tom                                                             Mick Brett

Simon Arthur                                             Will Griffiths        2holes

Robin                                                          Steve Williams

Finnan Arthur    4/2                                 Geraint Hammond

Jamie Wright                                            Ryan Greaney

Ryan Townsend   4/2                             Richard Williams

Aaron Roberts                                         Chopper Harris

Dan Edwards      5/4                              Steff Owens

Meurig Evans                                         Steve Rickwood

Simon Sweet                                          Mal Evans            4/3

Randal Day                                             Gavin Quinnell

Glenn Hunter                                         Mark Thompson     3/2

Graham Wilcox                                     Phil Sargeant



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