Vacancy for County Junior Coach

Dyfed County Junior Coach

The Officers of the Dyfed Golfing Union are inviting submissions from PGA Professionals in Dyfed for the position of County Junior Coach for the next three years from 2018 – 2020 inclusive. It has been decided that the role should be advertised on a three year basis to ensure that terms of reference are regularly reviewed and updated to suit evolving needs and that best value and practice is achieved .

As coach you will be expected to liaise closely with the Junior Organiser, however you will also be expected to report to the Committee. You will be responsible for arranging and conducting coaching sessions and for delivering player improvement. Team selection will be by the Junior Organiser and you should be providing player input to assist him in this.

The County are looking for a 3 year development plan from the successful applicant to build from a relatively young section. Your submission should show clearly how continuity of players coming through will be maintained.

Expectations from individual clubs should be included, eg player information from coaches / junior organisers to help in selection for coaching squads. It is recognised that there is a difference between nomination / selection for coaching squads and selection for County Teams. It is also recognised that different clubs have different coaching provisions and this may be a factor.

Feedback is important and you will be expected to maintain records of attendees and non attendees at all sessions to feed back to home clubs, the Junior Organiser and the Committee.

Annual coaching budgets will be set by the Officers of the DGU. At present a range of between £2,000 – £2,500 is envisaged for between ten and twelve full days or the equivalent in half days or a combination of both. Your submission should set out your proposals for coaching, including numbers and duration of sessions proposed, hourly rate and any other applicable costs, to give a total budgeted cost. It is acknowledged that time will be spent outside direct coaching and that there is a cost to administration etc. You should indicate how coaching will be structured, including group categories (eg under 18s, under 16s, under 14s or category 1, category 2 etc). You should include any individual sessions you consider may be necessary / appropriate.

The Regional Centre of Excellence, located at Machynys, was developed for this purpose inter alia, and is available free of charge to the County for approximately 10 full days per year or 20 half days (subject to availability, appropriate notice etc). It is expected that the majority of the coaching will take place there on days to be agreed. Your submission should set out your plans, including any sessions you feel should be held elsewhere, including any on course sessions for example, and your expectations of availability / cost.

The appointee is expected to liaise with players’ home club coaches where applicable, as well as the Wales Golf Coach regarding those players in that structure. It is important that clear communication channels are established to ensure the best player development.

In order for the Dyfed side to be successful, players need to be accomplished in both matchplay and strokeplay, and in both individual and team events, not just to have good golf technique. An indication of proposals to achieve this will be helpful.

As stated above, a 3 year development plan is sought. Your submission may well be an outline, with further details to be developed if invited to a short list, but there must be a clear pathway from a young side with a few quality individual players to a strong section in all age categories.

Finally the appointee will be expected to encourage and, where appropriate, mentor clubs, with support from Wales Golf, to ensure the ground work is being done to support the work and vision of the DGU and the coach.

Please provide a CV with any information on yourself you feel may be helpful, including specific skillsets and qualifications, unique / additional courses attended, coaching levels achieved etc. Any successes, either as a coach or a player, that you wish to highlight should also be included.

Expression of interest with a detailed submission must be forwarded by the 21st October 2017 to:-

Jeff Harries DGU Secretary


Station Rd

St Clears


SA33 4DQ

or by e-mail to